Our story began in 1997 with the first chapters dedicated to a young team of passionate psychologists. Committed to the idea of taking care of people, they focused all their efforts on maximizing the value of care in organizations. They were pioneers in the use of applied psychology areas of Health, Safety and Environment in Latin America.

Today, we are an experienced consultancy that, with the same essence, work focused on leaving a legacy of preventive culture in organizations. For this purpose, we inspire the formation of a multidisciplinary team that shares scientific support and a genuine concern for the progress of our clients.



Respect, transparency, active care, consistency, honesty, loyalty, scientific support and innovation.

Disseminate the active care culture;
Support in improving climate management and preventive culture;
Provide reflection experiences and processing through custom actions;
Act in a responsible and sustainable manner with stakeholders;
Using psychology to the development of people and organizations;
Using the value-based education;
Using technology as a resource for the enhancement of prevention and people education.

Be a company focused on leaving a legacy of preventive culture.



The same respect we have for our customers, we have for our business. Encouraged by the mission of disseminating the active care in organizations, we also multiply it in our internal practices.

• We act with fairness and transparency with all of our stakeholders;
• We support the value-based education, aimed at training employees more aware of their role, the care with each other and the environment in which they operate;
• We guide social and environmental responsibility practices that deliver real benefits to our team, environment and community;
• Encourage innovation and credit value to the ideas and creativity of our team.
We are driven by constant reflections and transformations to construct a work environment increasingly sustainable.